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Wednesday night was date night.  We don’t have regular “date nights” as I think that makes it a little boring and predictable.  Although the movie Date Night shows it can get pretty wild and crazy with a little maitre d’ mixup.

It’s the night we are supposed to spend “quality” time with our spouse.  So, with this in mind my husband booked a romantic stay at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo…and I invited my girlfriends to join us!  Wednesday night was actually Aerosmith night in Tokyo.  We had tickets to this aging group of rockers because we are, well,  aging rockers.  Fortunately my husband and I have pretty much the same taste.  (except for my affinity for salsa and merengue, we pretty much agree on everything).  Like Led Zeppelin.  Best band ever.  As he pointed out to me, there are no songs like Kashmir written anymore. And of course the Aerosmith classics like Sweet Emotion and the blog-appropriate ‘Livin’ on the Edge’.

But again I digress.  Getting back to Date night and aging rockers.  I don’t think it turned into the romantic night we had planned but it was AWESOME!  We started with champagne with the ladies at the hotel.  My husband joined us after work and we drove to the concert in style.

And then we were entertained by a 63-year-old guy who was the sexiest 63-year-old I have ever seen.  Seriously, Steven Tyler is my idol and not just my American one.  My girlfriend Jen, does not even like rock music but she came for me and she fell in love.  She thought he was amazing.  And he still had it.  At least from what we could see seated at the top of Tokyo Dome.  But he looked great on the big screen and apparently didn’t even write into his contract not to do a SUPER closeup.  He looked great.  A little tired after his two hour set but hot, totally hot!

So, as this is a blog about aging let me get to it.

  1. If 63-year-old men can be sexy so can 63-year-old women.  It’s all in the attitude and he has it, so he IS it.
  2. 60 is the new 40.
  3. Go out with your girlfriends and party it up.
  4. Spend ‘quality’ time with your husband/partner, but be spontaneous, forget you are a mom and a wife, just be who you used to be.
  5. My friend Lee, in the red,  is almost 60.  She wears sky-high Jimmy Choos and has limitless energy.  She is also an inspiration.
  6. Don’t do things because you think you should.  By this age you can do things because you want to.
  7. TAKE A RISK – Steven Tyler could have rested on his gilded laurels and gone off into the sunset with a skinny babe at his side.  But he took on the American Idol challenge and in doing so, reinvented himself and rejuvenated his career for a whole new generation.  Don’t take the easy road, take the one less-traveled by.

  1. Rock on sister!

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