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The Mother of (Re) Invention

If you’ve read my bio you will notice my resume is a bit eclectic. I talk about my former life as a “dilettante/flight attendant/stock broker/business journalist/expat wife.”  Even my husband can’t keep track of it.  “When were you a flight attendant?” he asks for the third time.  For me it has been a circuitous route leading me exactly where I was meant to be.  But I didn’t know that at the time.  I just knew that I liked to re-invent myself every so often.  Re-invention can be hard but also liberating.  It is change and change can be stressful.  Change has never been my problem, perhaps not sticking with something long enough would be more like it.  But since this is a blog about turning 50 (and being happy about it hopefully!)  I want to share some advice on re-inventing yourself.

When I graduated from university, I didn’t know what I wanted to be.  In fact, I don’t think I really knew until I was 40.  I tried various jobs, while feeding my wanderlust with my part-time job as a flight attendant.  But I could never quite find one that I felt passionate about.  Then the economy started to tank (along with my first marriage) and I realized I just wanted (needed) to make lots of money.  So, I decided to take the courses necessary to become a stock broker.  I took the Canadian Securities Course, got my insurance license, options trading license and associate portfolio manager designation.  I got a job at a brokerage firm and worked there for close to ten years.  I thought I would never leave.

Here is where the extreme re-invention comes in.  I met someone, younger, who was doing well in his career and really wanted more children (I already had a daughter).  So, fortunately we had a son and I went on maternity leave at the age of 41.  I was used to a very busy, multi-tasking life and I worried I may be bored during my leave, so I applied to journalism school.  Just as I was accepted into the intensive program starting in the fall, I found out I was pregnant again (that’s another story for another time).  So, I was going to be studying full-time, while pregnant, with a one-year-old.  Yes, looking back now it seems insane.  But I got through it with help from family and babysitters of course.  So, at 43, I had a daughter, two little boys and a degree in journalism.  In a matter of a couple of years I went from a single-mother-working-in-a-brokerage to a married-mother-of-three-kids, looking for a job in journalism.  It was challenging to say the least.  But I loved it and I was lucky to be able to find something I was interested in and passionate about (had it always been writing?)

So, I want to challenge you to re-invent yourself, if you are feeling like you need a change.  I definitely felt out of my comfort zone many times but that sense of discomfort is what helps us grow and realize who we really are.  Sometimes when starting a new job I am nervous and shy and wonder why I keep doing this to myself.  I am sure there are lots of reasons but I think I must actually enjoy the challenge of change.

What have you always dreamed of doing?  What could you spend 12 hours a day doing, if you didn’t have to pay the bills.  And I know about paying the bills, or not being able to.  If you can’t leave your job because of financial reasons, do something in your spare time.  Take salsa dancing lessons.  Take flying lessons.  Jump out of a plane and into a life of change and growth.

And please let me know how you are doing.

The Anti-Aging Elixir

It helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism.

It cuts your appetite and boosts your energy levels.

It increases your natural immunity.

It helps protect against heart disease and lowers the risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

It can help you look and feel younger and increases your libido.

WHAT is this wonder product?

I am not a doctor so please do your own research but from what I’ve learned about the Acai berry so far, I’m thinking it is indeed a wonder fruit.  Açaí (ah-sigh-ee)  is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world.

Acai has the highest antioxidant value of any fruit or vegetable. Antioxidants help to deactivate free radicals; those pesky molecules in our body that cause cellular damage, inflammation, and accelerate aging.

It’s primarily found in the Brazilian rainforest, and has been used for hundreds of years by tribes for its medicinal properties.

The caveat is that the berry does not travel well and must be fresh or freeze-dried to offer these benefits.  Tokyo-based health guru August Hergesheimer says,  “To get the most benefit from this amazing fruit, use either unsweetened, organic acai frozen puree (this is acai fruit pulp, added water, and a little citric acid as a colour preservative) or 100% pure, organic freeze-dried powder (dried without heat and use of additives or carriers). However, freeze-dried powder oxidizes quickly so use only encapsulated (sealed) vegetable-sourced capsules. Again, these capsules must be sealed to keep the air from entering the capsule and oxidizing the oils naturally present in acai. Oxidized oils are poison.”

Be wary of internet weight-loss scams and choose your Acai product carefully.

In a report for NBC, Matt Lauer discovered that the local populace calls it the Amazon Rainforest Viagara.

That alone is enough to warrant a try, and it doesn’t even taste bad, in  fact it is yummy.  So, if it can accomplish half of what it claims, I would be happy.

As baby boomers age, the search for the fountain of youth grows increasingly intense.  Yes, we can exercise, diet, cut back on our libations, but really what’s the point of living longer when you can’t enjoy life? Here’s one idea on how to live to the fullest while turning back the clock -

Acai Royale

The Anti-Aging Cocktail!
Organic Acai Berry Juice mixed with Champagne!
Fight aging from the inside!

Or start your morning with a shooter or a shake.  Add the recommended amount of Acai juice to some frozen berries, a fresh banana, some rice milk and a handful of granola and you’ve got the recipe for a healthy start.

Morning Acai berry smoothie

And so begins my slide into 50, Acai shooter in one hand, a bottle of Veuve in the other.

To order/request more information, please click link below.


The Fountain of Youth

I’ve been thinking a lot about aging lately.  Primarily because I am.  Turning the half-century mark in less than six months makes one a little more reflective.  Sometimes I feel like I am closing in on getting my senior’s discount, usually after a night of acting like I got in using my student card.

But with age comes wisdom and an allowance for pontification.  So, I am going to offer my advice for attaining the fountain of youth.  It won’t be the typical, drink eight glasses of water a day, eat fish and exercise, although I am sure that can’t hurt.  Unless you live in Japan and are not convinced about the water or the fish.

Let’s start with the physical.

Number 1 – Buy a new pair of jeans.  I learned this from a friend a long time ago.  Wearing some out of date flares, she suggested I get some new “low-rise” jeans.  I took her advice. For me jeans shopping is right up there with bikini shopping on the self-esteem destruction scale.  I remember when my daughter was going through a “growing” phase and found all the jeans she tried on too tight, I had to explain that the sizing of jeans is about as consistent as the press releases from the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. And when you buy them, make sure they are not as tightly-fitted as the anorexic salesgirl’s are.

Betsey Johnson

Number 2 – Let your hair grow a few inches.  I know I am giving away my age again, like I didn’t in the opening line, but I think long hair reminds one of one’s youth.  “Back in the day” as my daughter calls it. Who cares that the generation after Gen X thinks you have “big” 80’s hair.  Now I know there is a contingent that would say “get a new chic short haircut” to look young but I think there’s nothing better than a longish, carefree mane to show vitality.

Number 3 – Don’t pluck your eyebrows (too much).  My good friend was bemoaning the thinness of her eyebrows. saying they looked like 70’s brows, which was when she began to pluck them.  What we don’t realize is that, unlike hair on the rest of your body, they do not grow back thicker!

Number 4 – update your ipod selection.  While mine remains stocked with Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith, I discovered there was some good “new” music when I accidentally synced my ipod with my daughter’s library (much to her dismay).  My favorite ‘new ‘ song is Low, by Flo Rida which I guess is about four years old now. Virtually a new release for me.


Now, let’s move to the mental.

Number 5 – Don’t assume it is your job to be the “designated driver” of your relationship.  Many women lose (suppress) who they really are when they get married and have children.  They occasionally let loose when they go out with the girls but chide their husbands when they are out together.  It’s not your responsibility alone, let him take his share, he wants to be part of the team.  You were both crazy, probably a little inebriated and uninhibited when you met, so stick with it.  This will keep you young at heart and your husband happy.

Number 6 – Sort of goes with number 5, but keep dancing on the bar, wear thigh-leather boots like my friend Mona who looks amazing, and then make a pact with your friends to tell you when it’s time to ‘call it a night’.  I know I don’t want to be dancing on the bar when I need help to get down.  Even now my husband has to hold my glasses and my friend hurt her knee getting off one night.  My worlds started to collide when my daugther began going to the same clubs I did.  We would have to text ahead of time to make sure our paths didn’t cross because, OMG, that would be SO embarrassing.

So, I’m off to dinner with a fun group of friends, I won’t be dancing on the bar tonight because I sprained my ankle, but I will be wearing some boots and partying with my husband because I want, as Thoreau says, to live deliberately, live deep and suck the marrow out of life.

I am turning 50!

2012 is going to be a big year…for me at least and probably for lots of other hip-young-ish baby boomers who remember their parents at 50 and remember how old they seemed!

In 2011 my birthday celebrations were postponed due to the fact that my birthday is March 12 and I live in Japan.  If  I’ve learned anything this year it is to live each day to the fullest, as you never know what tomorrow may bring. And so, in keeping with my belief in going big or going home, I am going to do it BIG. Here’s the invitation I sent to my friends about six months ago.





So far, about 15 friends from far and wide are heeding the call to party (not surprising given my friends and the promise of free tequila)

And since I am an online person and love to share my trials and tribulations publicly, I thought I’d start a blog about it.  The Party.  And the turning 50. And with age comes an allowance for pontification, so there will be some of that.

I have just three months left to the big 5-0.  Of course, I want to lose ten pounds, have wrinkle-free-sunspot-free skin and learn the Kama Sutra (I hope there are no upside-down positions, as I’ve noticed in the mirror at yoga class, gravity is not my friend).  I will start my anti-aging campaign today, with you as my witnesses.  Will it make a difference?  Will it be the physical or the mental adjustments that make the biggest difference?  You be the judge.  And if you feel like joining the program at any time please feel free!

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